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As the trend to label toys because&quot;educational&quot; continues to grow, parents may wonder if the hype associated with these kinds of toys is authentic and if they're worth the cash. Here are five tips from toy and education experts on which to consider when selecting an educational toy to your child:<br />The link between schooling and toys has ever existed with the continuing wave of high-technology educational toys, many of the toys parents and teachers used to associate with learning may no longer be known for their instructional value. &quot;The best toys are simple and open-ended,&quot; says Ellen Wild, chairperson of the Early Childhood Program at Dutchess Community College.<br />Wild suggests giving children crayons, markers and plain paper, along with envelopes and stickers to promote thinking about writing. She also points to blocks, Legos, and manipulatives (think: stacking toys, shape sorters) to help build small muscles in the hands and fingers in anticipation of writing and also to assist with perceptual motor skills. Wild states she does see children which have been entertained too exclusively by electronics and toys with&quot;bells and whistles&quot;. &quot;A lot of these children have not learned persistence, an ability to focus without being amused,&quot; says Wild,&quot;(They) haven't enjoyed being creative in their own and are not excited by books and learning.&quot;<br />READ MORE: The debate on educational toys<br />Individualize your strategy<br />&quot;Toys are resources in creating the learning environment,&quot; says Natasha Kravchenko, representative of Educational Toys Planet, an online retailer since 2002. Kravchenko states it is very important to choose the right toy for your child's age, attention or stage. And not to buy exactly what you want or what you wanted as a kid except to purchase the toy that is suitable for your child's character. She suggests thinking about which toys will make your child want to find something new, improve their skills, and encourage independent learning. &quot;You can assess consumer's testimonials and manufacturer's era recommendations, but your selection should largely depend on your child,&quot; says Kravchenko,&quot;not other people's opinion about the toy.&quot;<br />Go to the land of make believe<br />&quot;The best toys are those that boost creativity and pretend play,&quot; says Nancy Werner, Kindergarten teacher at Traver Road School at Pleasant Valley. &quot;These toys also grow with the child and they are able to use them for several purposes.&quot;<br /> [https://digi.usac.edu.gt/ojsrevistas/index.php/cytes/comment/view/694/0/12794 https://digi.usac.edu.gt/ojsrevistas/index.php/cytes/comment/view/694/0/12794] , with a four-year older, suggests dress up clothes, play food and dolls to foster imagination, production of stories and language that result in reading comprehension and writing abilities. She also urges creative games that be played with adults or other children, like Candy Land, for developing counting, collaboration, turn taking and problem solving.<br />Be realistic<br /><br /><br /><br />Parents should be cautious about the promises made by instructional toy commercials. &quot;Children's development can not be accelerated,&quot; says Jim Taylor, Ph. D, Psychology, author of&quot;Your Children are Under Attack: How Popular Culture is Destroying Your Kids' Values, and How You Can Protect Them.&quot; &quot;Children can only grow at the speed they are capable.&quot;<br />Taylor says that trying to accelerate a child's growth can actually slow it down since kids are forced to do things for which they aren't developmentally ready. The outcome is that kids are prevented from doing what they ought to do in their stage of growth.<br />&quot;It is more important to have conversations with children and ask them questions to help them explain and believe than to invest countless dollars on a toy or video which will be just a 1 way'conversation',&quot; says Werner.<br />Werner and Wild both point to books, either bought or borrowed, as being among the best educational assets your youngster can own. And one of the greatest tools parents can use to teach their kids. &quot;One of the very best educational'toys' to get a kid is an adult who spends time talking, reading, and appreciating the wonders of earth with (these ),&quot; says Wild.<br /><br />
決定改善您的營銷策略是進行適當更改的第一步。繼續閱讀以找到使用電子郵件和自定義選項與您的客戶群聯繫的方法。同時,您會發現一些出色的營銷技巧,可以在自己的網站上利用。<br /><br />電子郵件營銷是與客戶和目標受眾進行交流的有效工具。由於客戶可以選擇加入電子郵件列表,因此,您吸引了想要聽取您意見的聽眾。儘管電子郵件列表很有用,但您還應該花一些時間來確保發送的每封電子郵件都具有客戶可以使用的相關且有價值的信息。您應包括有關銷售的信息或任何其他可能對您的客戶有幫助的鏈接。您還可以使用電子郵件從客戶那裡獲得有關網站更改及其新產品使用經驗的寶貴意見。詢問您的客戶是否要註冊您的電子郵件列表,並在您的網站上創建一個頁面邀請他們加入。 [http://vinculacion.udla.edu.ec/forums/forum/ideas-y-vinculacion/ Goto the Article] <br /><br /><br /><br />在進入競爭市場之前,先進行市場調查以確定誰是理想的客戶。例如,如果您想定位年輕人,而電子郵件或電子雜誌可能更有效地吸引年輕人,那麼Facebook和其他社交網站是理想的交流場所。通過向生活中的人們查詢他們的在線消費習慣,您可以隨時收集不同的意見。您還可以通過客戶調查收集有關營銷的反饋。宣傳產品對良好的營銷至關重要。如果您想出售成本較高的產品,則不建議使用社交媒體營銷。您大多數的廣告受眾群體在經濟上無法購買。您應該使用常見的營銷方法,但是您應該繼續研究以找到自己的獨特營銷方法,這些方法將使您的策略保持最新。<br /><br />尋找合適的批發供應商有很多機會嘗試新事物。就像所有最佳業務實踐一樣,團購活動一直在增長,發展和變化。如果您希望自己的廣告系列成為最好的廣告系列之一,那麼您必須始終與當前客戶保持同步。您應該始終努力取悅您的忠實客戶,並尋找更好地為他們服務的方法。您應該始終尋找新的潛在客戶以及實現這些目標的方法。如果您遵循這些提示,則可以進一步幫助訪問者。<br />

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電子郵件營銷是與客戶和目標受眾進行交流的有效工具。由於客戶可以選擇加入電子郵件列表,因此,您吸引了想要聽取您意見的聽眾。儘管電子郵件列表很有用,但您還應該花一些時間來確保發送的每封電子郵件都具有客戶可以使用的相關且有價值的信息。您應包括有關銷售的信息或任何其他可能對您的客戶有幫助的鏈接。您還可以使用電子郵件從客戶那裡獲得有關網站更改及其新產品使用經驗的寶貴意見。詢問您的客戶是否要註冊您的電子郵件列表,並在您的網站上創建一個頁面邀請他們加入。 Goto the Article