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For all those of us who like singing, 1 goal is to sing in front of an audience and show off our talents.

But just because you're a fantastic singer, it doesn't necessarily mean you understand how to sing in front of an audience.

Even though I really like to sing and make singing a part of my regular, I do sometimes get a bit nervous when I am singing by myself in front of different people.

Growing up, I sang in the college choir and found this to be enjoyable and every time I would perform with the choir, I would get a thrill and instant rush.

how to sing in harmony sang in front of an audience, was when my family was having dinner with some family friends. The restaurant that we went into was a karaoke restaurant and anyone can get up and take a go singing.

Before I went on point, I was extremely nervous and my hands were shaking. However, I managed to sing alright. At least the audience clapped for me!

I found that the main thing which you need to conquer when you sing in front of people is your nerves. Confide in one person, either a good friend or loyal relative and tell them that you need to sing in front of an audience. Tell that friend or relative to be honest with you and ask for their honest opinion regarding if you are able to pull off a tune in front of people. If they are honest, then if you don't have the best of voices, then they will inform you that and perhaps you might be best not to sing in front of an audience until you improve.

But if they say that you are a good singer, then you're ready to get up on that point.

So following are a few tips which will teach you how you can sing in front of an audience.

1) Take some opportunity to practice in front of an audience.

I would recommend that you take your close friends or relatives to a karaoke singing club. For those who have not been to a karaoke club before, a karaoke club basically has a number of chambers and in every room there is a TV and comfortable lounge chairs. You reserve in your time and are given a space and booklets of tune lists. You choose your song which you need to sing to and using the remote, just like a TV, you choose the song that you need to sing to. Then the tune will come up on the screen with a video of this song and at the bottom of the screen are the lyrics. As the lyrics pass, the writing varies color so that you understand what you're singing to.

When I was in university, I recall going to karaoke clubs frequently and we would reserve a room and my friends and I would have a great time singing the night away.

By singing in front of people who you are familiar first, you're building up your self-confidence and this will help you to sing in front of an audience.

how to sing with harmony ) Prepare before you go on stage.

By preparing, you will need to clear your mind of distractions and only envisage yourself nailing your tune. You will need to conquer your nerves in order for you to sing nicely. Before you're due up on point, drink some hot water to relax your throat. Inhale in for five minutes and then simmer for another five minutes. Do this for approximately one minute and this kind of meditation will allow you to relax. Imagine yourself on that stage with the audience clapping for you and you will begin to feel happy and confident. Then do how to sing in harmony , like scales. This will help to warm up your voice.

3) Pick an appropriate song

Whenever you're singing on stage in front of people, I suggest that you choose a song which is easy to sing and that is not overly challenging. Most likely, you will have some nerves so that you don't wish to make yourself even more worried for you to miss a note when you sing in front of the audience.

A tune which you find easy to sing will come naturally to you so you needn't worry about hitting the notes.

Wear nice but loose clothing so you will not feel restricted by a tight collar or a tight waistline.

The very best thing about singing in front of an audience is that it will increase your confidence and will you give you more experience singing in front of people. You might still get the jitters every time you wake up on stage but after a few times, you will get accustomed to it.

So next time you're going to sing in front of folks, please consider my hints above and you will knock their socks off!