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Electronic Business Cards creat it less demanding to make, view, and offer contact data in Outlook. An Electronic Business Card shows contact data like a paper business card. You can make an Electronic Business Card from new data or from contact data that you as of now have in Outlook.
Make an Electronic Business Card
The initial step is to pick the card design and foundation. At that point, include pictures or illustrations. At long last, include the contact handle that you need to show up on the Electronic Business Card.
• Select People in the Navigation bar. Contingent upon your rendition of Outlook, your Navigation bar may state People or just show the People symbol .
• In the upper left corner of the Outlook window, click New Contact.Select New Contact to make another contact.
• In the contact shape, double tap the business card to open the Edit Business Card box.
• Under Card Design, tap the Layout list bolt and after that snap a format from the rundown. A Text Only format is accessible for a card with has no photo, logo, or other picture.
• On the off chance that you need a foundation shading for the card, click Background, and after that snap a shading.
• On the off chance that you need to include a picture, for example, a photo or organization logo, utilize the picture alternatives to include, size, and position the picture.
• Under Fields, double tap a contact field that you need to include.
• To expel a field from the card, tap the field, and afterward click Remove.
• To include void line spaces, tap the field above where you need the vacant zone, click Add, and after that snap Blank Line.

Tip: By default, void line spaces on a card are shown as Blank Line fields. As you add data to the card, you can include new data fields between the Blank Line fields. For instance, click Blank Line, click Add, and afterward click a field. The field shows up underneath the clear line.
To position message on the card, click a field, and under the Fields list, utilizing the Up and Down bolts to move the fields. You can likewise move clear lines in this way, to include more space between lines of content.
• You can move fields around on your Electronic Business Card.
• To arrange content, utilize the organizing and style catches under Edit.
• When you're finished organizing the Electronic Business Card, click OK.

Note: If you click Reset Card, the card returns to the default Outlook outline and the data that is entered in the default fields in the contact frame.

Spare an Electronic Business Card you get
When you get contact data as an Electronic Business Card (a .vcf record) in an email message, you can add this Electronic Business Card to your Outlook contacts. On the off chance that your contact list as of now incorporates a contact with a similar name, you'll have the alternative to refresh the current contact or make another one.
• In an open message, double tap the Electronic Business Card to open it. it will open as an Outlook Contact.
• Snap Save and Close to spare the Electronic Business Card to your Contacts organizer.
• In the event that a copy contact name is identified, click Add new contact or Update data of chose Contact.
• On the off chance that you have a copy contact, Outlook inquires as to whether you need to refresh it.
• Send Electronic Business Cards to other individuals
• Electronic Business Cards can be partaken in email messages. They give a corporate or individual visual character like a paper business card.
business card scan app Incorporate an Electronic Business Card in an email message
• In another message, click Attach Item > Business Card, and afterward click a name in the rundown..
• In the event that you don't see the name that you need, click Other Business Cards, tap the name in the Filed As rundown, and after that snap OK.

Incorporate an Electronic Business Card in your email signature
By adding your Electronic Business Card to your email signature, your contact data is incorporated into each message that you send. See Include an Electronic Business Card in your email signature for more data.
Download free electronic business card formats. Utilize the professionally planned card layouts on Office Online or get thoughts for outlining your own.