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Backconnect proxy is a type of proxies. This works like this, a proxy server works as an intermediary server for all requests you made in searching resources on the other side of the servers. Generally, proxies help you browse on the internet anonymously. When compared with normal proxies nowadays, they both have in common and differences. The main benefit of having Backconnect proxy is getting passed through volume request in works such as SEO or web scraping without having the IP blocked since you will obtain a dynamic rotating IP adress everytime you make a request on the other end of the server. At first look, you may think that Backconnect proxy settings and operations have nothing in difference when compared with standard proxy. It's pros and cons are the same but there particular differences you won't see in the other service. The rotating nature of the proxy differentiates the backconnect proxies from the normal proxy. Backconnect proxy is far more useful compared to the other because of the single proxy IP ports setting and configuration. You'll have access to wide collection of IPs all around the world. With Backconnect proxy, you won't need to manually enter hundreds or thousands of IPs on your apps or any programs that require anonymity.

As you read along this article, you are expected to better understand our online service. Backconnect proxy offers premium HTTP/HTTPS proxy servers mixed with IPs from around the globe such as Asian and European places and US. These proxy servers are better suited for works that include web data scraping or data extraction, SEO works that makes use of proxy tools such as GSA SER, Scrapebox, Hrefer, Xrumer, Senuke, and other online scrapers. Thousands of high quality and fast http proxy servers located in multiple countries throughout the world are routed through a central access point (Gateway Server) allowing you to utilize IPs from over 50 different nations. The unique Automatic Rotating Proxiesservice is reliable, fast, automatic and fully redundant (24/7).

The central server is the source of Backconnect proxy. Once connected to the central server, each connection is then re-routed to different https proxy IPs in worldwide countries. About backconnect proxy will enable you to access huge amount of search requests without problem. About backconnect proxy will keep changing whenever you connect to the Automatic Rotating Proxies. You can now search the web without getting traced. Backconnect proxy offers you anonymity better than what regular proxies have to offer.
Listed here are the reasons why most people use Backconnect proxy service:
• Better use in scraping the web and mining data: The service offered by Backconnect proxy will provide you the capacity to collect unlimited amount of data online quickly even high volume of searches are done. Each request you make will be of different IP address. This provides you the ability to access web data without limitation. Each of your search request will use different IP address, thus giving you unrestricted access to data on the web
• Compatible with Most SEO Programs: Backconnect proxy works great with all SEO tools such as GSA SER, Senuke, Xrumer etc. Unlike other proxy providers who limit your threads and make you pay for more threads, you have unlimited connections for a flat monthly charge.

• Automated and Multi-threaded Web Actions: Utilizing your automated tool in creating multithreaded web processes won't be an issue with the use of Backconnect proxy. The number of threads running in your automation will determine how many unique IPs will be generated by Backconnect proxy system.
• Search engine submission providers
• competingand pricing intelligence
• web scraping
• Monetary and market investigation
Some of the selling points of this backconnect proxy service are:
• Get hold of to both HTTP and HTTPS (CONNECT ) proxy with BIND, CONNECT and UDP support. All proxies support both HTTP and HTTPS
• Acquire to USA, Europe, Asia and Worldwide geolocated backconnect/IP rotation proxies for same price
• Unlimited and random proxy IP addresses switched every request without blocking
• IPs are dynamically rotated from our massive proxy pool of over 50,000 proxies IPs from mixed countries
• Test plan available for only $5 for 3 days.
The best Side of backconnect proxy integrates with any commercial or open source web scraping software that supports http proxy.
• Powerful Backconnect proxy for automated account creation, Search engine optimization, scraping and any automated web actions
• Best GSA SER optimized IP rotating proxies for high speed and unrestricted posting. See setup guide here (pdf)
• All-in-one anonymity and easy setup.
• No need to import multiple http proxies into your program anymore. Simply use a single IP and port for unthrottled requests for only $39/month
• Ultimate for web scraping tools such as Senuke, Xrumer, GSA SER, Scrapers, data extraction scripts etc
• Undelayed account activation
• Limitless access to over 50,000 proxies IP accessible on static gateway proxy server 24/7
• Best and Limitless connections while avoiding high traffic from a single IP address. The high availability gateway IP allows requests to run in simultaneously across massive pool of anonymous IPs by dispersing the connections across thousands of IP addresses to prevent throttling.
• Automatic IP rotation. No manual rotation required. Just setup a single proxy IP and port and rotation occurs dynamically.
• All proxies supports all online gaming application
• Super fast Rotating Proxies for Google scraping, posting, and scraping/harvesting web data.
• Complete anonymity. The proxy server and destination website cannot determine the actual IP address of your system; only the IP address of the gateway server is detected by the proxy server.
• No traffic throttling
• Uses IP verification.
• High availability Automatic Rotating Proxies service with Limitless bandwidth
• Unrestricted sequence queries are allowed
• Proxies functions perfectly with all SEO programs and Social/Videos sites such as GSA SER, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter
• View any geo-restricted web resource anywhere!
• High speed proxies for Twitter, Facebook, Craigslist, Youtube, Google, Yahoo, eBay, etc
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