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Artists who've purchased a Premium Mastering Pass have the additional option of selecting five different post-mastering equalization choices: Warmer, Warm, Neutral, Bright, and Brighter. These could be selected after choosing your mastering intensity. Warm/Warmer will emphasize the reduced end of your monitor and tame the treble. Neutral won't apply any additional shaping. Bright/Brighter will emphasize the top quality of your track and tame the bass. These EQ changes have been designed to provide basic, effective, and intuitive modifications to your mastered monitor. Their range provides been carefully designed to increase control and audio quality. Because mastering is indeed subjective in character these options give some control back again to the artist. We've engineered things in a way that you can toggle between these settings and hear the variations before proceeding to download your documents. This ensures a far more streamlined A/B comparison. What audio formats do you accept? Presently, we acknowledge most types of audio files as long as they are mono or stereo and sampled at 44.1 or 48 kHz. We advise that you upload WAV data files, which allows us to master your music at the best quality since there is no additional decoding step before mastering.

There are various kinds of WAV data files, and we make an effort to support most including 16, 24, and 32 bits. The maximum file size we support at this time can be 1 GB for Premium Mastering Move holders. FREE users can upload tracks up to 250 MB in proportions. If your document takes longer than 60 a few minutes to upload the server will timeout. If click the following webpage want to convert your sound document before uploading we recommend you use Online Sound Converter. What audio forms do I get? MP3 files are provided to FREE users. real music distribution MP3, FLAC and HD WAV files are provided to artists who have purchased a Premium Mastering Move. MP3 is a popular compressed format you might have very familiar with, which is backed by many playback gadgets and online services. These file formats are perfect for posting and distributing due to their smaller file sizes. We generate MP3 at 192 kbps for FREE users, and 320 kbps for users who have purchased our Premium Mastering Pass. FLAC is a lossless compressed format of the highest quality, perfect for audiophiles with top quality systems.

These are large documents, typically only slightly smaller sized than WAV files, but they are 100% true to the source materials. We generate FLAC documents at 24 bits. WAV is a completely uncompressed format that we use for mastering. If you need to generate other file platforms for distribution, this is the document you want because they contain the raw audio samples without the compression. For the same cause, this is the only extendable we accept for mastering. We generate HD WAV data files at 24 bits. If you wish to convert your monitor to other file types you can use an online provider like Online Sound Converter. What's the difference between your service and various other instant online mastering solutions? Just as different mastering engineers should be expected to master the same track differently, instant online mastering providers will each sound different. We have our own signature sound based on the way that we are suffering from and tuned our mastering engine.

If you want to get a better feeling for what that audio is, it is possible to upload 2 tracks for FREE every month without needing to sign up for a merchant account. Beyond this, you can find at least additional differences that people are proud to deliver: We offer unlimited mastering including usage of your mastered tracks in Hi-Res and HD WAV platforms at probably the most competitive cost points in the market. Rather than counting on any 3rd party audio processing hardware or software, we've created our mastering engine from scratch with support for up to 32 little bit/48 kHz stereo system audio. Developed with audio improvement in mind, this has allowed us to approach mastering without any limitations. We build our own tools and mastering chain in-home including both a pre-mastering track evaluation stage and a remarkably fast real-time signal processing engine. We've started at the track level and built upwards for a really unique mastering experience that you're going to like.

Finally, MajorDecibel is independently owned and operated by the programmer behind the service. Which means that we're listening, and constantly evolving to provide an all-star assistance to musicians and artists around the world. You will not be spammed with advertising email messages, and we won't insist that you send out a tweet every time you utilize our service. How do you maintain your prices therefore low? Our competitive pricing is achieved through a combination of factors including the efficient design and deployment of our mastering engine, the re-investment of nearly 100% our available resources into mastering engine improvements, exceptionally low overhead, and a relentless desire to exceed our customers' goals. We do minimal marketing, relying instead on organic growth through person to person from satisfied customers. We've no external obligations to any third celebrations to meet funding or sales targets. Like many of our users, we are a totally independent operation built on top of years of experimentation and a deep personal interest for audio and music technology. This means that convential business methods take a back seat.