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we are going to talk a little bit about the value of your email list.

Yes, the money is in the list, as everyone says when they are trying to get you to buy their latest course or fancy piece of software, but having a big list doesn’t necessarily mean that you will make a lot of money.

No matter how many people subscribe to your list, you won’t see real results until they are actively engaging with you and responding to the offers you send. So the real value isn’t in having a huge list, it’s having one that is highly responsive and engaged. In fact you can make more money from a small list of happy subscribers than you can from a massive one full of people who never open your emails, click on your offers or remember who you are.

It’s not always easy to build a profitable list, but you will see much better results if you focus on the quality of your list rather than the quantity.

One of the best ways to do that is to work on building trust with your subscribers right away. This is because people will only buy from you if they feel they can trust you and they won’t listen to anything you say if they don’t. Have you ever wondered why so many emails get deleted as spam? That’s because people don’t trust the emails, and more importantly, they don’t trust the sender.

It’s very important to build a relationship with your subscribers. You have to form a connection with them, and more importantly, they have to see you as an expert in your field. Doing this isn’t as difficult as you may think. You simply have to send them emails with information that they will find valuable and appreciate.
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