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Village cut off from the world, darkness, mystery, horror, fear, forest monsters and deal with them about not stepping into the forest ...

So is the "settlement" in the Movie trailers, ads, reviews.

Movie lovers of thrill went keen on the movie to be afraid. I messed up. They criticized "The settlement" called hopeless flap, trash, and director loser. Why? Because the air is not flying fragments of the human body, no blood flowed, there were no monsters with glowing green eyes, no one screamed with fear and hid under the seat! So you could say ...

waste of time! But with this I totally disagree! I love movies with a thrill, but in spite of that "settlement" not one of them, enchanted me, and I think Shyamalan is currently one of the best directors. Why? Let me explain. "The Village" is a story about relationships, about the hypocrisy of people of falsehood and gray, pitiless reality. The film is an amazing atmosphere! Incomparable peace, harmony, heroes are reflective, affectionate and disinterested, in a word, those which today is practically does not meet.

In "The settlement" should empathize, listen to what the characters say, think their words and reflect on the surrounding reality. This film has something to teach us, not scare you! People who watch movies with reason and intelligence, find the "Settlement" makes sense, even if expected to horror and fear. While those who go to the cinema just to watch the pouring blood, no amount of "Villages" anything, because they do not watch the film only look at moving pictures (the more blood the better). There are also those where the movie just did not like it, because it is not their species, and well, but that does not mean that the "settlement" is hopeless.

Everyone has to judge for yourself. We would highly recommend this movie! Under his influence, watched "Unbreakable" and "Signs". "The Sixth Sense" seen much earlier. All of these movies will have a common feature: liquidity, calm and extremely toned heroes. And that this is a masterpiece! When I was on this film, the cinema hall was full. After the screening outgoing people were impressed.

They talked about what they heard from the heroes and decided it was worth the spend about two hours on "The settlement", although expecting something else entirely. They found the meaning of the film and it is the most important! I think that was it Shyamalanowi - an element of surprise and to test the reaction of people. Success. The opinions are different, some people love the movie, and others hate it, but everyone says about him and watching him ..

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