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Yes, the U.S. government just published a list of the very best free music and mass media download sites. And, provided piracy a big, big increase along the way. Here we go (again)… The United States government just released a damning survey: the 2016 ‘Out-of-Cycle Overview of Notorious Markets’. The list, released by any office of america Trade Representatives (USTR), highlights notorious online marketplaces. It’s also a convenient guide for anyone looking to download free of charge mp3s, videos, or games. This 12 months’s lists highlights prominent piracy hubs, along with e-book, software, video gaming, and free music download sites. The United States hopes to take down the following mega-offenders. Good luck with that! The survey states that the cyberlocker site can be well-known globally. 4Shared provides genuine file-storage services. “The site also facilitates the streaming and downloading of high volumes of allegedly pirated videos, music, books, and video gaming. BeeVideo enables users to view infringing movies and TV shows on smartTVs through set-top boxes and cellular devices.

“BeeVideo provides been downloaded a lot more than 12 million times. Both websites allegedly make an incredible number of books available from best publishers without authorization, costing publishers large losses. Information regarding the registrants and operators of the Bookfi and Libgen family of sites is normally obscured but Libgen is allegedly based in Russia. “ is hosted in holland. It generates revenue through gift card donations. According to the report, Ukraine offers a secure haven for piracy sites. ExtraTorrent first appeared on the Notorious Markets List in 2013. Several enforcement actions against the website have however to take the website down. “Despite being subject to several enforcement activities, it maintains a global Alexa rank of 207, and ranks in India, Pakistan, and China of 170, 19, and 319, respectively. This illustrates the broad effect that sites facilitating infringement can have on geographically diverse markets. Gongchang is usually a business-to-business e-commerce platform. However, it’s reportedly one of several online marketplaces in China that deal in counterfeit product sales. The site also markets counterfeit shoplifting prevention protection tags.

“The GongChang platform focuses on industrial products and servicing manufacturers and retailers. Counterfeit protection tags may help provide an appearance of authenticity to counterfeit goods or they may fail to alert retailers who believe their products are protected, increasing the likelihood that shoplifting will go undetected. The Movshare Group provides countless unauthorized copies of films, games, music, audio, books, software, and sporting event broadcasts. “These cyberlockers, linking sites, discussion boards, and streaming sites all work together to facilitate global distribution of allegedly infringing content. The sites are said to generate revenues through advertising and premium membership or subscription charges, and to compensate users for uploading popular infringing content. Many sites reportedly take part in domain hopping to evade law enforcement and workaround search engine demotions to go up to the very best of search engine. Based out of Russia and Ukraine, the website attracts over 860,000 visits per month. Although most site visitors come from the United States, United Kingdom, and India.

“MP3VA’s FAQ page misrepresents the legality of its functions and purports to have a license from Avtor, a rogue Ukrainian collecting society. However, the site’s music download sales aren't authorized and authors are not paid. Main U.S. credit cards and payment processors no longer support the site. Centered out of Vietnam, this illegal online market place facilitates legitimate goods product sales with counterfeit items. The website received over 3 million monthly page sights. When copyright owners document takedown notices, the operator continues to be unresponsive. “This linking site was made by an anonymous web programmer in Egypt, where it really is regularly being among the most popular sites. The MyEgy site is usually in Arabic and content material comes in both Arabic and English. Nanjing provides users with links to unlawful online pharmacies. In turn, these pharmacies offer counterfeit pharmaceuticals, putting customers at risk. This year, Nanjing offered domain name sign up services to over 2,300 known illegal online pharmacies.

All sites talk about connections to Poland. They represent a significant hub of infringing video gaming. “Between the four sites, over a hundred thousand links to allegedly infringing video game files are indexed. Switzerland reportedly includes a loophole restricting enforcement against pirate sites. “However, at the moment, right holders survey that Switzerland can be an increasingly popular host country for such sites. Putlocker is among the most-visited video streaming sites in the Asia-Pacific region. Sites, such as for example Putlocker, overtake torrent and additional sites because the primary setting of movie and television piracy. “The operator of Putlocker is probable based in Vietnam. The dog owner is apparently taking activities to evade enforcement procedures”. senni music from the movie, television, and music sectors nominated this website. The website started almost ten years ago targeting the Bosnian marketplace. Rapidgator, hosted in Russia, provides infringing articles to visitors overseas. The site uses rewards and affiliate marketer schemes to pay users predicated on downloads and new accounts product sales. Modern Jazz videos around $2 million each year.