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It was solely later that we discovered that our physique guards had been murderers and thus had probably the most respect amongst the other inmates. So they had been less likely to begin anything with us. I’ve by no means knowingly shaken the hand of a assassin earlier than.
It was once one of the largest cities on the earth, it is positioned beneath the Cerro Rico Mountain, a mountain primarily made from silver, this silver was has been extracted and exported for the final 500 years. The city is on its last legs, all the silver has primarily gone but nonetheless individuals mine for it. Experts say the city is 15 years behind most other international locations in terms of equipment used and the mountains are able to collapse. But nonetheless day in day out people work there extracting the final of it, in what needs to be a few of most atrocious and perilous work environments on earth.
He told us he’d been watching us in the park, contemplating whether to come back or not. He was truly a really likeable chap and had two years left to serve, performing as a guide for tourists within the prison was his means of paying for his meals, mattress and perhaps other things, who is aware of. We have been then ushered into a new workplace the place we met the 2 guards who would escort us around. They didn’t converse a word of English and one in notably seemed like a Bond villain, his nose was broken to the purpose it was nearly nonexistent, that nose had taken a number of hits in its time I thought.
We had stayed in largely locally run resorts and hadn’t seen many other backpackers. In La Paz we headed to a foreign owned chain known as ‘Wild rover,’ largely as a result of me and Josh had been a bit sick of each other and wished to fulfill another people. While there I determined to do the Cerro Rico mine tour. Potosi is the poorest state in the poorest nation in South America.
It was then that it really hit me what we were doing. “Welcome to San Pedro prison” our guide informed us. Only in Bolivia was a standard theme, we headed to Sucre then took an evening bus to La Paz. We headed for a spot we had heard quite a lot about. The bus broke down a few occasions, everybody was pissed off, even the dog which started howling, we had been relieved to reach.
It was as if he had simply seen his 2 sons after years apart and he greeted us warmly. He was small local and should have been in his 50’s, in a gentle light voice he introduced himself as our guide. I observed right away the underside of his teeth, they appeared as if that they had been chiseled right down to the gum and will need to have been solely a few millimeters small. He’d been right here for 9 months and was ‘inside’ because of drug trafficking, this was possibly the one time I’ve ever been reassured when someone has advised me they had been a drug trafficker.